Stephanie Boswell

Stephanie Boswell

So, a short bit of info from me - Having been a runner for a number of years, I injured my Achilles during Dec 2015, which meant I had to change my training.
Comfortably all I could do was start lifting, and so my transformation began. My training consisting of working hard 7 days a week, with the odd rest day, and lifting heavier weights to get where I am today. My diet was supplemented with protein shakes after every session, and Omega-3 Soft Gels daily. My diet is strict, but enjoyable - based around fish, chicken, greens, almonds, avocado and beetroot, and lots of healthy snacks, of which my protein shakes were essential. I do have a cheat day every now and again!!!
I competed in Miss Galaxy Universe in November and came 2nd in both my categories and 8th in the World Supreme Champion category, which was fitness tested. I then competed in the Bodypower Model search comp in the Dec, and won a place in the finals which takes place at Bodypower in the NEC in May. I am also hoping to compete in the NFF also in May, and the UFM, ultimate fitness model show in September. I love Snap Nutrition products, and looking forward to taking the CLA Soft Gels to enhance my fat loss leading up to shredding down for the next Comp!


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Eli Brecher


Eli is a 20 year old student from London, currently spending the year between Madrid and Paris. She passionately believe that a healthy diet should not compromise on taste, so her food blog @cerealandpeanutbutter focuses on delicious homemade food that will nourish your body and your tastebuds, with lots of colourful smoothie bowls and a nutritious spin on desserts from chocolate mousse to banana bread.
Favourite Blend?"Pure Antioxidant Blend - as well as being full of nutrients and completely delicious, I just love the pink tint it gives my smoothies!"
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Rhianon Williams

A self-confessed cardio queen turned wellbeing warrior, Rhianon has spent years beinga slave to the treadmill and spin bike, with a lack
of consideration for nutrition, strength training, recovery, setting goals and everything in between!

Like many of her generation, her approach to getting fit or losing weight was to eat less and exercise more. Over the years, herwork as a PR for health and fitness brands, along with a lot of self education, has flipped her approach completely upside down.Her attitude to fitness and wellbeing is a full circle holistic one; never being a slave to one thing, but considerate of everything mind, body and soul. She believe we are all capable of anything we put our minds to, and having a positive approach to all things wellbeing plays a huge part in making these goals happen!
Favourite Blend?:  "I am a predominantly clean eater, and avid label reader, so any protein I use absolutely has to be made with natural flavourings and ingredients where possible, and absolutely not packed with empty filler ingredients. Snap Nutrition’s Pure Protein chocolate blend is my favourite, followed closely by their Diet Protein vanilla blend, which smells a little like heaven!"
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